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VermiGrow Castings Tea

Image What is it?
VermiGrow Castings Tea is brewed using Vermigrow Worm Castings. The Castings are brimming with beneficial soil micro-organisms and can be applied directly in a variety of agricultural and horticultural applications.

The VermiGrow Castings Tea product is brewed in highly oxygenated water under controlled conditions that are optimum for extraction and proliferation of the micro-organisms present in the castings.

Soluble micronutrients and beneficial organic compounds from VermiGrow Castings are produced during the "brewing" process.

When finished, VermiGrow Castings Tea is full of living microbes and beneficial plant-growth compounds that go right to work when applied to your crop as a foliar spray or soil drench.

The Benefits of Using VermiGrow Tea

  • For setting blossoms, blooms or development of fruit. During peak growth for an added nutrient source. Quick recovery from lack of moisture, damage from wind & poor foliage color;

  • Increased nutrient source when roots cannot provide enough nutrients for maximum yields;

  • Makes better use of water and soil to deliver needed nutrients and nourishment to plants throughout their life cycle;

  • Improves plants' resistance to pests and disease;

  • Absolutely no toxins, pesticides, or synthetic chemicals to harm plants, or contaminate the water supply or environment in any way;

  • Safe around children, animals, and homes.

There is evidence that VermiGrow Castings Tea will cure tomato blight, leaf curl on fruit trees. It can also replace conventional fertilizers used in areas such as schools, municipal parks and playgrounds. Many of these products are unfriendly to the eco system and are now, or will soon be banned because of the dangers they pose.

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