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VermiGrow Castings

Image What is it?
VermiGrow Worm Castings is quite simply Mother Nature's soil amendment of choice. This rich humus-like digested output of the worm includes an almost complete range of nutrients and microbial life that a plant requires to grow. It is one of the most natural soil enrichments available; it is environmentally friendly; all natural; easy to use; and safe to handle with a pleasant earthy aroma.

What does it do?
Healthy soil is important to produce quality plants. VermiGrow Castings improve soil health in a number of ways:

  • It is a natural source of organic matter with lots of nutrients and moisture-holding capacity. It holds 5-9 times its weight in moisture and is beneficial in offsetting the impacts of drought conditions;

  • It adds active microbial life to the soil allowing it to slowly release and make the valuable nutrient and trace minerals more available to tender plant roots;

  • VermiGrow is rich in growth hormones, vitamins, and acts as powerful biocide against diseases and nematodes.;

  • As a natural aerator, VermiGrow allows oxygen to permeate the root zone to improve drainage and encourage root growth;

  • Castings enhance or replace other soil mediums and additives without fear of burning or harming tender plant life.

VermiGrow creates the right soil environment and makes nutrients more available to crops and desired vegetation, thereby reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Best of all, VermiGrow contains no toxins and therefore is safe to use without fear of ground water contamination.

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