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What is it?
Vermicasting – the production of Worm Castings is quite simply Mother Nature’s soil enhancement process of choice. Worm’s digest organic compost material and ‘produce’ a humus-like output which includes an almost complete range of nutrient and microbial life for supporting the health and growth of plant life. Nothing matches worm power in turning organic compost matter into the most natural soil enrichment available. Most importantly, it’s environmentally friendly, all natural, easy to use, and safe to handle, with a pleasant earthy aroma.

What does it do?
Castings increase soil health by providing a natural source of organic matter with high nutrient and moisture holding capacity. The addition of active, slow release microbial life to the soil supports the natural development of tender plant roots with valuable and needed nutrient and trace minerals. Naturally produced organic matter improves soil appearance, texture, water retention and drought resistance. Castings contain no toxins and doesn’t contaminate ground water. Increased oxygen flow to the root zone improves drainage and encourages root growth. Worm castings enhance or replace other soil mediums and additives without fear of burning or harming tender plant life.

Why is it better?
Worm castings contain a more diverse microbial population. These micro-organisms enhance soil fertility by mineralizing complex substances into plant-available nutrients. Bacteria in the worm’s digestive system synthesizes a whole series of biologically active substances, including plant growth regulators. Castings contain up to 5 times the plant-available nutrients found in average potting soil. Unlike other potting soil mediums, nutrients in castings are water soluble and immediately available to plants.

Worm Casting Applications include:

  • Vineyards;
  • Green Roofs;
  • Golf Courses;
  • Green Houses;
  • Organic Farming;
  • Organic Turf Care;
  • Land Reclamation;
  • Organic Soil Replacement.


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