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Soil – the physical and biological resource on which agriculture and human life depends - is undergoing significant degradation and depletion globally:

  • With population growth and human expansion there are no land reserves available for future expansion of agriculture;

  • Urbanization is permanently reducing the agricultural land available for supporting food production;

  • Reliance on agricultural chemicals has resulted in a growing number of dangers to both human and animal health;

  • Despite use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, most North American farms are experiencing a decline in soil productivity and profit;

  • The combined effects of soil erosion, acidification, compaction, and salinization reduce crop yields and increase production costs;

  • As a result, food security is a growing concern.

Waste Management - Part of the Problem

Waste management practices in North America are contributing to the agricultural crisis:
  • Landfill practices deplete organic reserves and create profound water/soil contamination and health issues; and

  • Proposed alternative technologies (e.g. incineration) permanently remove
    and destroy large amounts of organic matter (OM) from the agricultural food chain.

Recycling Agricultural and Municipal Waste Streams

Recycling and treatment of municipal and agricultural wastes are now critical environmental, social and political issues. There is a growing recognition that:
  • We need to reduce, recycle and rethink how we deal with ‘waste’ organic matter.

  • Current volumes of organic waste are increasing and need to be reduced and recycled rapidly.

  • The ‘magic’ of landfills is a vanishing option.

  • We need to commit to recycling all forms of organic matter in order to sustain agricultural production and manage our environmental impact.

The CSRplus Vermicasting Solution

CSRplus offers vermicasting technologies for accelerating the recycling of waste streams, such as inedible plant biomass or human wastes, and returning organic matter back to the agricultural food chain.

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