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Eco Verm Organic Waste Digesters


Reduce your:
- waste disposal costs
- weekly waste volume
- carbon footprint
- greenhouse gases
- amount of waste going to landfill
- emissions caused by transporting your waste

The lowest carbon footprint
organic waste digesting system available.

CSRplus VERMICAST INDUSTRIES now offers ECO VERM scalable organic waste digesters for use in a wide range of settings such as:

  • Restaurants and Fast Food outlets;
  • Hotels and Resorts;
  • Institutional Food Establishments;
  • Agricultural Production sites;
  • Animal Care Facilities such as Zoos.

The proprietary process and equipment are designed to quickly and effectively produce top quality worm castings from a wide range of waste streams including:
  • Organic Food Wastes;
  • Cardboard and paper packaging;
  • Agricultural manures.

The system is available in several modular configurations with capacity for processing from 95 kg up to 2000 kg per week. The system works on a continuous flow basis and in less than 15 days throughput time produces a high quality product that will meet all government and industry standards.

Eco Verm Organic Waste Digesters are the most adaptable in the market capable of coping with a vast array of organic waste at a cost that is 40% cheaper to run than any other food waste collection system on the market.

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CSRplus Eco Verm Organic Waste Digesters

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