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An Eco Verm Digester is delivered to site ready for commissioning and able to start work in a few days. It is supplied as a turnkey operation, with enough worms to start the full digestion process at optimum capacity from the outset.

The earth worms that power the digesters are very adaptable and survive in a wide range of climates and the 'Eco-Verm digester' is designed to provide them with optimal environmental conditions. The digester is designed for minimal involvement from the client and can also cope with seasonal variations in food waste. It is therefore suitable for hotels, camp sites, schools, and so on, and leads to food waste being broken down in seven days.

For ease of shipment for long distance transport, units can be packed inside each other and the digester is on wheels to facilitate the initial siting and allow moving and relocation as required.

The Eco Verm Digester is a complete stand-alone unit and is fully enclosed, addressing any issues regarding vermin. The components and unit itself are galvanized for longevity and the Eco Verm Digester comes with a sliding roof system and roof and door locks. A solar panel is also provided. An Eco Verm Digester provides a single step system to enable the digester to be accessed and fed. Other attachments, such as double ended platforms, conveyors etc., can be provided at an optional extra cost.

The system comes with a build in humidity monitoring system that automatically irrigates the biomass should it be required. The irrigation system is battery powered with energy being supplied by a solar panel.

The Eco Verm Digester is fully insulated against cold weather and in extreme temperatures a heater can be added. The Eco Verm Digester comes with a 1 year warranty. Extended warranty agreements and maintenance contracts are available at an additional cost.

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