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CSRplus Vermicast Industries offers a commercially unique, state-of-the art, quality controlled, “waste reduction–soil amendment” manufacturing process suitable for municipal processing of organic wastes. Our proprietary processes and equipment configurations are designed to quickly and effectively produce top quality worm castings from a wide range of waste streams including:

  • Vegetables
  • Yard Wastes
  • Agricultural Manures
  • Sewage sludge at 20% solids
  • Mortalities

Three Steps for Reclaiming Organic Matter

CSRplus Waste Solutions with a Difference

The CSRplus high volume system works on a continuous flow basis and in less than 15 days throughput time produces a high quality product that will meet all government and industry standards.

The front-end “In-vessel” rotary composting system processes organic material aerobically without producing offensive odours. Unlike “open” windrow systems, in-vessel processing excludes air, earth and pest-introduced contaminants like weed seeds and bird droppings. To save on building costs the in-vessel composters are designed to be housed out of doors.

The specially designed worm beds are housed indoors in a closed, temperature-controlled, contaminant-free environment. We produce a consistent supply of top quality worm castings for a full range of market applications at an affordable price, all year long. The plant design and building configurations are fully scalable - processing from 10–100+ tons of waste per day with daily production yields from 20-30% in worm castings.

The following video presents an overview of a full scale vermicast production unit.

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